SEARCH: Author Spotlight on Kristin Battestella

Author Spotlight on Kristin Battestella

Name: Kristin Battestella

Location: South Jersey

Tell us about yourself: I say I’m a writer first and foremost, however after a difficult battle with Lyme Disease several years ago, I’ve focused more on non-fiction writing and mixed media platforms like podcasts and videos rather than writing genre fiction.

How has the last year dealing with COVID been for you? I stocked up on everything in advance, beginning December 2019 actually, as there were already rumblings of unease at the time. At some point I had…

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SEARCH: Antiquing on a Budget

Antiquing on a Budget
by Kristin Battestella

Being stuck at home can make one realize your decor is, well, lacking. People often have random furniture they can afford rather than the style they really want. Fortunately, antiquing is a great way to snag classic items and revitalize your home with unique history and sophistication. Certainly luxury pieces are expensive, but these tips can help you trick out your home with stylish pieces while keeping money in your pocket.

Shop Around and Know the Staff.
Charity shops, independent thrift stores, and antique dealers are all very different places serving a variety of clients and often donated merchandise…

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SEARCH: Origami! You Can Do It

Origami! You Can Do It

by Emerian Rich

Paper crafts are magical activities that cost little to no money, produce a wondrous product when done, and can be shared by people of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities. Although we attribute the creation of paper folding to the Japanese, paper folding and cutting has been around in all different cultures for centuries.

Starting in China during the Song Dynasty (905-1125 CE), a tradition of paper folding was used at funerals to honor the dead. In Japan, the traditional butterfly design used during weddings can be documented as early as 1680. Even in Europe, a well-developed napkin folding technique

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SEARCH: Musical Underdogs

Musical Underdogs
by Michele Roger

As a music teacher, my job isn’t just to teach someone to read and play. I’m also the ultimate cheerleader. Common phrases include:

You’ve got this!
You’re talented!
This just takes a bit of practice.
All that practice is paying off.
Don’t give up now!

For additional inspiration, I turn to success stories. If your creative muse hasn’t checked-in lately, look to these icons of music and what they’ve overcome.

Dame Evelyn Glennie
Hearing Impairment Beethoven is not the only wildly successful musician who was deaf. In fact, many musicians suffer from some kind of severe hearing loss and still prosper in their careers. One of my favorite musicians is Scottist percussionist…

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SEARCH: Top Reasons NOT to Do It

Top Reasons NOT to Do It
by Tim Reynolds

The world is full of self-helpless gurus much more ego-boosting than I, all lined up to feed you a “Reasons to DO Something” list, but I’m here to give you 40 valid reasons NOT to do something. In no particular order.

  1. It’s going to hurt…a lot. You’re not a trained dancer and that table isn’t very sturdy.
  2. There are laws in place to specifically discourage doing it.
  3. Your mother wouldn’t approve.
  4. Your insurance has lapsed.
  5. The last time you tried to do it, you lost your pants and your pride.
  6. There are still active warrants from the last time you did it.
  7. Sister Mary Elephant warned that you’d go to Hell if you did it.
  8. You haven’t asked, “WWJD?”
  9. You’re not as young as you once were.
  10. When they did it on American Gladiator it looked like fun but two contestants were hospitalized.
  11. Your. . .

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SEARCH: You Can Do It! Issue Editor Letter

They say that life is about what you do with the time you’re given. When older people look back, they’re more likely to regret the things they didn’t do, rather than what they did.

When you think about your list of to-dos, they’re likely a combination of those necessary items that keep you alive chores and responsibilities—as well as lingering items you’d like to do if you had more time, money, and energy. Every day we make choices for where to spend the limited years given to us, so give it some thought. Due to COVID, we experienced a year of enforced slowdown, where assumptions of what life looked like were transformed. As we rebuild those lives, we can do it with intention and deliberately take on opportunities that leave us more fulfilled.

As you consider our You Can Do It! issue, enjoy thinking about travel to London, creating a cookbook of family recipes, or even just sitting down and folding a little origami. Life moves at many paces, but there’s no reason to look back with regret when you can still check something off your to-dos. As Tim Reynolds explains in his article, “Regrets, I Have a Few” you don’t have to accept every opportunity but don’t be too fearful to select the ones that excite you. Even when you reach for something, and the answer is no, there’s satisfaction in knowing you gave it a shot. And when the answer is yes, memories are made.

Heather Roulo / Editorial Director

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SEARCH: 2021 Fall Issue Table of Contents

Our Fall 2021 says You Can Do It!

Table of Content

• Food/Travel — The Thousand Memories Cookbook
• DIY — Spindle Yarn Making
• Humor — Top Reasons NOT to Do It
• Author Spotlight — Kristin Battestella
• Music — Musical Underdogs
• City Spotlight — London
• Budget — Antiquing on a Budget
• #YouCanDoIt — Regrets, I Have a Few
• Projects — Origami! You Can Do It
• Food — South Western Polenta Casserole
• Fitness — Weight Loss to Weight Lost
• Autism — They Can Do It!
• Tech/Biz — Traffic Circles
• Poetry Corner — Simple Chains

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SEARCH: The Garden is More than Just Gardener

The Garden is More than Just Gardener

by Suzanne Madron

It has been a wild year with a lot of changes and a lot of growth. A full growing season has come and gone with another one underway. While I have spent a good portion of my time focused mainly in the garden and the plants in it, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the help I had in bringing my vision into reality.

First, let’s acknowledge the landscaping team, as they are the very foundation of the garden. Without them, I would not have been able to bring it to life nearly as well…

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