SEARCH: Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler Moore

by Kristin Battestella

In 1970, The Mary Tyler Moore Show premiere introduced Mary Tyler Moore as the idealistic Mary Richards, the new associate producer at perpetually low-rated WJM-TV Minneapolis
News. Mary left her doctor fiancé, who couldn’t say I love you.

She portrayed a modern working woman and the trials—and humor—to go with it. The series tackles Mary living alone amid robbery fears and endears viewers with sitcom familiars
from the beloved wife on The Dick Van Dyke Show.

Early in the series, ageism and divorced friends are addressed before pushing the envelope with career choices and the “lonely single gal guilt-tripped into working on Christmas Eve” trope. The awkwardness of someone short dating someone tall…

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SEARCH: The Dancing Flower Girl

The Dancing Flower Girl
by Michele Roger

It was one of my very first performances as a solo harpist. The bride had asked me if there was a children’s song that I could play that would cue her four-year-old niece when it was time to carry her basket of flowers down the aisle. Weeks ahead of the wedding, we agreed, “Little April Showers,” from the Disney movie Bambi would be the flower girl song.

When the day of the wedding arrived, the archway where the couple would exchange vows was covered in the most beautiful purple wisteria I’d ever seen. Family slowly made their way to their seats while I played a prelude filled with love songs. The grandparents walked down the aisle to the song from their wedding, “I’ll Be Seeing You.” Then, the parents walked down to their wedding song, “Color My World” by Chicago. Finally, it was time for the wedding party. Each wedding couple proceeded down the aisle in lavender gowns that matched that of the wisteria in the archway.

When the wedding coordinator gave me the cue, I began to play “Little April Showers,” as planned. A little girl gingerly took about ten steps while enrobed in many layers of toile before she recognized the music being played for her. About mid-aisle, she stopped and set down her basket of rose petals. A tiny gasp could be heard from the wedding guests…

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SEARCH: Lithuania and Rokas the Magician

Lithuania and Rokas the Magician
by Kay Tracy

One of the great parts of doing what I do, is that when I travel, I often have the great fortune to meet a variety of interesting people. Rokas, a magician from Lithuania, is one such person.

I was in Las Vegas for a magic school and had the great pleasure of seeing him perform. His wit and humor, as well as skill, was entertaining and engaging.

Rokas has been to the U.S. several times, and has even performed on the show Penn and Teller: Fool Us, winning the Fool Us Trophy! He is a gracious, and delightful entertainer.

His home country, Lithuania, is located along the Baltic Sea and has an amazing variety of things to do and see. If you like amber, Lithuania might be a place you will want to visit, as they have what is called the Amber Road along the Baltic with shops, tours, and opportunities to hunt amber yourself. Lithuania also participates in the Eurovision Song Contest, something that gets overlooked in the United States.

While the official language is Lithuanian, English is common and accepted as the language most tourists speak, so travel there should be friendly…

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SEARCH: The Crooning Comedian

The Crooning Comedian

by Elliot Thorpe

In August 1969, Billboard declared Dean Martin “The Total Entertainer.”

While that’s not entirely true (he never performed live theatre nor starred in Broadway musicals), Dino owned his own restaurant, his own production companies, had shares in a Las Vegas casino, did hundreds of sell-out Vegas shows, regularly topped the music charts, starred in hit movies, and headlined his own ratings-busting NBC show. In 1968, he purportedly earned more money for that year than anyone in the history of show business.

Of those who knew and worked with him, we would all say the same thing, he was a perfect gentleman, respectful of his peers, and exceptionally hardworking. He just made it look easy! While music was the career that made Dino very rich and was a path he’d always longed to go down back when he was a busboy and a croupier in Steubenville, his natural flair for comedy was what brought him to the attention of millions.

He, of course, began his comedy career with Jerry Lewis. When I co-wrote the biography Dean Martin Recollections, I referenced a line spoken by Jason Statham’s character from the movie Transporter 3, where he insisted that Dino was the funny one, not Jerry, and he could make people laugh by just holding a whisky tumbler and a cigarette…

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SEARCH: Author Spotlight on Michele Roger

Name: Michele Roger

Location: Michigan

What do you write?: I’m a Horror and Paranormal Romance writer. My writing works include The Conservatory, Eternal Kingdom: A Vampire Novel, Agent For the Orchestra, Her Immortal Beloved, The Telephone Booth, and most recently, Terror Under the Lupin Moon (available on Kindle Vella).

You’ve written for every issue of SEARCH Magazine since the beginning, which we really appreciate. What else do you do?: When I’m not writing stories or the music column for SEARCH Magazine, I’m writing music…or playing it.

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SEARCH: My BFF is a Bad Influence

My BFF is a Bad Influence

by Tim Reynolds

What can you do when your BFF is a troublemaker and a bad influence? What can you do when your mother doesn’t like your BFF and cringes whenever their name is mentioned?

What can you do when your BFF is a dragon puppet who wears a striped turtleneck, work boots, and size 6X OshKosh B’Gosh coveralls festooned with buttons that say “Why Be Normal” and “I Love My Dad?”

You do the same thing I did when Benny came into my life. When I say “came into my life” I don’t mean he walked in the door and sat down on the couch with a beer, I mean I created him as an assignment in Children’s Drama Class in college. As soon as I gave him a voice like an articulate Cookie Monster, though, he became his own…presence.

When I say “presence” I mean he got invited to floor parties in residence and the girls loved him. How much? Let’s just say that Benny got kissed more in college than I ever did…

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SEARCH: Rekindle Holiday Joy

Rekindle Holiday Joy

by Emerian Rich

Cascade, Colorado

Like most little kids, Christmas was my favorite holiday. I mean, who doesn’t like two weeks off school, piles of presents, and being allowed to eat countless sweets?

When I was five years old, my parents held my birthday party at The North Pole, or as we used to call it, “Santa Claus Land.” It didn’t matter that my birthday is in June or that it was a sunny day with not a lick of cold to speak of. At The North Pole in Cascade, Colorado, Christmas is a state of

Located 7,500 feet above sea level at the foot of Pikes Peak—the highest summit of the Southern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains—The North Pole amusement park opened in June of 1956. By the time I visited for my fifth birthday, it was 20 years old and…

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SEARCH: Stand-Up and Succeed

Stand-Up and Succeed

by Tim Reynolds

Humor is such a vital part of our lives.

We all grasp at moments of humor when they float by, desperate to raise our serotonin levels with a smile, a chuckle, or an outright, belly-splitting guffaw and tears. Sometimes it’s hard to see the humor in the situation or the world around us…and that’s why we need professional humor-makers—especially stand-up comedians—whether live on a stage, in a Netflix special, or on YouTube.

For six years I treaded the boards and stared into the spotlights as an amateur comic willing to grab any time on almost any stage. I have performed for Baptist church groups (they don’t like jokes about farting dogs), lawyers and accountants (the more they drink, the less intelligent the jokes have to be), and I’ve had the rare honor of MCing a six-hour show featuring live music and burlesque acts, which is where standup comedy started—entertaining the audience while the stage hands reset the stage between acts of exotic dancers. Although, no matter what words were coming out of my mouth or what ears they were going into, there were basic rules I learned at the workshops given by working comics every Wednesday…

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SEARCH: Baked Cauliflower Buffalo ‘Wings’

Baked Cauliflower Buffalo ‘Wings’
by Brian and Patricia Dake

In my younger days, I’d often entertain by holding study groups, small gatherings, dinner parties, and always throwing at least one large open house every year. Recent times have made that more difficult, but whether you are entertaining family, friends, or just yourself, this recipe is a delight.

Cauliflower has become increasingly popular in recent years. No longer just a steamed vegetable or an addition to a veggie combo, it’s used for everything from pizza crust to a cauliflower steak main course. With this recipe, it makes a fabulous appetizer and—as we all know—appetizers go great with binge-watching your favorite new television shows.

Cauliflower, as we know it today, was manmade through a long process of selective breeding.
Although it didn’t start being cultivated in the United States until the 1900s, it was grown across Europe in the 1500s, and introduced to India in 1822 by the British.

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SEARCH: Winter 2022 Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

• #KeepLaughing: Rekindle Holiday Joy at The North Pole
• #KeepLaughing: The Dancing Flower Girl
• Humor: My BFF is a Bad Influence
• Author Spotlight: Michele Roger
• Music: The Crooning Comedian, Dean Martin
• Travel: Lithuania and Rokas the Magician
• Stand Up and Succeed with Tim Reynolds
• #KeepLaughing: Mary Tyler Moore
• Food: Baked Cauliflower Buffalo “Wings”
• Fitness: I’m Still Using the Wii
• City Spotlight: Pullman, WA
• Autism: Sharing a Laugh
• Poetry: The Lighter Side

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