SEARCH: Explore Tatting

Explore Tatting

by Suzanne Madron


Admittedly, when I first became interested in learning to tat, it was because of the cool antique tatting tools called shuttles. It was akin to the dice being my gateway to learning how to play Dungeons & Dragons, if we’re being honest.

I had learned to make bobbin lace and I was looking for something more portable—even more portable than knitting or crocheting. It was hot that summer and I wanted to still work on making something but without the bulk and warmth of yarn. Enter tatting.

In case the term is not readily familiar, the finished product most likely is. Tatted lace edges are used on dresses and as decorative pieces in various ways. Tatting uses loops similar to crocheted lace but the technique is a bit different.

There are two types of tatting…

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SEARCH: Making a Camera Obscura

Making a Camera Obscura
by Kay Tracy


I like sharing science that is easy to do, educational, and—at least to me—fun. I’m going to share some ancient technology, so get ready to make your own scientific instrument for under five dollars! A pinhole viewer will allow you to observe the sun, see an eclipse when it happens in your area, and maybe even catch sunspots, all while protecting your eyes.

With all the astronomical happenings these days, it is hard not to want to see some of the amazing sights. Lunar eclipses are easy enough, just go outside at the right time of the night and look up at the moon.

However, solar eclipses are a bit more involved. Historically, from a science aspect, this device…

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SEARCH: Fall 2022 Table of Contents

Read our Fall 2022 #Homemade issue!

Table of Contents

• #Homemade: Making a Camera Obscura
• #Homemade: Explore Tatting
• Humor: DIY Dental Disaster
• Author Spotlight: Elliot Thorpe
• Music: The DIY Music Album
• Hobbies: DIY Crafter, Willz from Willz Crafts
• Hobbies: Sewing on a Budget
• #Homemade: Party Decorations on a Budget
• Food: Romano Chicken and Italian Zucchini
• Fitness: #Homemade Workout
• City Spotlight: Seaside, Oregon
• Autism: Making a Gratitude Journal
• Poetry: Creation

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SEARCH: 2022 Fall Issue Editor Letter

SEARCH Magazine Fall 2022 #Homemade issue

SEARCH Magazine Fall 2022 Cover

I’m a writer by choice and surrounded by creative people who craft, blog, perform, and more. How they do it all, I don’t know. What I’ve found is that they are talented but mostly they’re passionate about their interests. However, they universally demur praise to say, “It isn’t that hard, as long as you know what you’re doing.”

First, try not to downplay your skills. Imposter syndrome is real.

Second, most things really are simple as long as you have the knowledge and experience. The trick is, getting those things—and being willing to suffer looking foolish along the way.

Sometimes, you want the luxury of being taken care of but, more often, you just want the job done. If you can get it done yourself, all the better! Who doesn’t want to seem capable? Who wouldn’t rather save money? So, when you’re feeling the itch to build, create, and craft, check out SEARCH Magazine for inspiration.

In this #Homemade issue, read about exercising at home, making a pinhole viewer, and creating your own party decorations. Cook a meal from our amazing recipe, then write your thoughts in a gratitude journal—no matter how it turns

Heather Roulo/ Managing Editor

SEARCH Magazine Fall 2022 #Homemade issue

SEARCH: Ultimate Summer Road Trip Playlist

Ultimate Summer Road Trip Playlist
by Michele Roger

There is an art—or maybe it’s a science—to making playlists. Whichever genre comes from my heart, that’s from where this compilation derived.

My muse was the feeling I get with the windows rolled down, the summer breeze whipping through my hair, and the urge… No, the need to sing at the top of my lungs. Even at red lights.

I’m hitting the road this summer. After months and months of staying in, staying away, and staying in a routine, this playlist is about breaking away from that whole idea. This collection of songs is about freedom, joy, adventure, and anything else that moves you…

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SEARCH: Fitting in Fitness

Fitting in Fitness

by Heather Roulo

Aren’t we lucky when summer comes around? The opportunities to get fit increase exponentially to the length of a sunny day.

Rather than staying indoors, where the temptations of food and good books entice us, we can head out into a world bursting with ways to be active. Workouts like walking dogs, riding bikes, and swimming are easier in the summer. It’s also a great…

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SEARCH: Mindfulness and Gratitude

Mindfulness and Gratitude

by Lillian Csernica

In the movie Kung Fu Panda, Master Shifu, the world’s greatest kung fu teacher, refuses to believe when his own teacher, Master Oogway, declares Po—a cuddly giant panda—will become the legendary Dragon Warrior.

Master Shifu is a control freak. This attitude problem stems from a serious lack of inner peace. He made one big mistake twenty years ago and now he cannot get past it. Even though Master Shifu trained the Furious Five—heroes who protect ordinary people from bad guys—Master Shifu cannot forgive himself. His life is all about righting his big mistake. That prevents him from believing Master Oogway’s plan and finding inner peace.

Living in the moment is difficult for many people. All too often we’re dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. “Making memories” is a phrase I hear quite often in advertising. It strikes me as odd. Are we supposed to go on a trip to some resort and…

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SEARCH: City Spotlight on Southend-On-Sea, UK

City Spotlight on Southend-On-Sea, UK

by Elliot Thorpe

The English county of Essex is so named after the Saxons (Circa 600 CE) settled east of what would become London. It has a population of 1.8 million and boasts two cities, Chelmsford—the birthplace of radio—and Southend-on-Sea.

Because Southend is the most populated area in Essex (Chelmsford merely the third) and it is autonomous from Essex’s overall county council, the argument was put forward that it deserved city status. Bureaucracy and convoluted government tick-lists aside, it has direct train routes to London, the world’s longest pier, its own amusement park, theatres that attract performers like Sir Rod Stewart and Willie Nelson, casinos, restaurants, and a bustling miles-long sea front…

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SEARCH: Crispy Cod on Creamy Pasta Shells

Crispy Cod on Creamy Pasta Shells by Brian and Patricia Dake

Summer makes us crave breezy dishes with perhaps a hint of the sea and a touch of the outdoors combined with a bit of indulgence. Surely, that’s not too much to ask? Well, this creation combines all those elements to perfection.

Finding specific ingredients in recent months has, indeed, been a challenge, but in the course of preparing this dish over several weeks to get it just right, we found the ingredients needed are consistently available, which allows the recipe to be prepared year-round. We chose cod for the dish because it is widely available as it comes from both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Cod loins are the thickest part of the filet, taken from behind the head to the dorsal fin of larger fish. While it might be difficult to always find fresh cod…

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