Al Farrow, Inspiring Change


by Emerian Rich

Our feature article for the Summer issue is a discussion with artist Al Farrow. Al Farrow is a sculptor who transforms metal into thought-provoking works of art. He’s had a studio in the Bay Area for forty some years and I was fortunate to tour the creator’s paradise.

alfarrowHis piece The Spine and Tooth of Santo Guerro, located at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, is over five feet tall and  six feet long. The doors are generally left open so you can look through the entire cathedral. This piece makes me want to shrink down so I can walk through its halls and really study all the detail he put into it. Even without being mini-me, the detail is fascinating. You could study this piece for hours and still find something new you didn’t notice the first time. I think he really captured the same sort of awe you feel when walking into a grand cathedral.

To find out more about what materials he uses, and what inspires him to create, read my article in the first issue of SEARCH Magazine.



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