Interview with Author Emerian Rich

Interview with Author Emerian Rich

By Heather Roulo

AuthorPicSeven years ago, I met Emerian Rich through an online writer’s community. She’d already published the first book of her Night’s Knight Vampire Series and had stories coming out in several anthologies. At a time when social media was still considered suspect, she eagerly took on Twitter, podcasting, eBooks, and indie publishing. Since then, her publishing successes continue to mount. She organizes an annual writing contest and is nurturing a small publishing house. She is tireless, but took time out to sit down with me and discuss the appeal of horror, creativity, and her career as a writer.

Heather Roulo: Emerian, it’s great to interview you. I know you well, so it’ll be fun to let other people learn about you, too. I’ll start with the basics. First of all, how did you get into horror?

Emerian Rich: It’s funny because when I was a child, I was sheltered from horror things. Even Sleeping Beauty was considered off-limits because of Maleficent the witch, but that didn’t stop me from being drawn to the macabre. My view of horror is the beautiful, classic, mysterious side. There is something exciting about abandoned churches and windy graveyards, places where humans have stamped their emotional imprints.” to read the full article, download the free eCopy of SEARCH Magazine‘s Fall Issue.

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