4 Apps that Changed Our Virtual Lives

4 Apps that Changed Our Virtual Lives

by Dianna Kersey

Our family motto is: Have Internet, Will Live! As a remote, virtual telecommuter for over ten years, I’ve grown accustomed to an unconventional working lifestyle. Our family balances cyber technology with the real world, and over time, we’ve become a virtual-online family, interacting within a global village. Both my husband and I make our living telecommuting, and our daughter attends a fully accredited online virtual academy. With satellite Internet, virtual employment, and online school, our location is an unlimited option. Whether we’re nestled in the middle of the mountains, on a train, on our boat, or traveling, if we can access the Internet, we’re at work and school.

In a recent article, Forbes Magazine cited a 26% increase in the number of virtual jobs in 2014. Every year, more companies are seeing the potential for retaining their top associates by providing the benefits and flexibility of telecommuting. Amazon, Kaplan, First Data, CIGNA, Nationwide Insurance, and Convergys are some of the largest companies who actively hire qualified telecommuters.

Dan Golden, president of Be Found Online Digital Marketing states, “The flexibility of letting our employees move where life takes them has been a savior for retaining our best associates. In todayʼs world, hiring and retaining top talent is more important than hiring only local in our office.”

Working at home is no longer the scam of stuffing envelopes. It’s real work, from real companies, offering real paychecks for productive employees. To me, it’s the best employee benefit offered. No longer am I plagued by two or more hours of grueling, daily commutes. I gain back that otherwise wasted time in productivity and time with my family...” to read the full article, download the free eCopy of SEARCH Magazine‘s Fall Issue.

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