Agua Restaurant in Grand Cayman

Dunnamedid you miss SEARCH‘s article on eats at Grand Cayman? Walter and the crew at Agua restaurant sure didn’t. Agua was featured in our Summer issue.

Columnist Michele Roger writes,

Just a few miles travel down West Bay Road brings you to a small but popular five star restaurant called, ‘Agua’.  The owner, Monica, is from Argentina and has been working in restaurants for years.  She opened Agua with the idea that fresh fish, served in a French-Asian fusion and paired with an excellent wine selection, would be a hit.  She was so right.  While many places on Grand Cayman are sticking to more spicy, Jamaican style dishes, Agua offers a refreshing twist.  The tuna tar tar is piled high and mixed with fresh, diced avocado and lime juice. You can eat it with the toasted baguette that accompanies this dish, but quite frankly, the bread just takes away from the richness of the perfect trio staring back from the plate.  It is affordably priced as an appetizer for sharing or better yet, selfishly keep it all for yourself and declare it a light supper, pairing it with a salad.

To read more, Download the eCopy, now!

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