How to Make: A Rustic “Found” Elements Diffuser Bowl

How to Make: A Rustic “Found” Elements Diffuser Bowl

by Suzanne Madron

Picture8“A diffuser bowl is a decorative bowl filled with natural elements which absorb and diffuse scented oils. Think you need to go to the store to get a scent diffuser? Think again! Generally when it comes to creating a diffuser bowl, you can use “found” elements from your environment. In this case we will be using pinecones and tree bark.

Rule of thumb: Keep it simple to get started and see how your scents play out, how long they last with each item, and how far the scent reaches into the room.

The best part of this project is you don’t need to get fancy, and you get to use ‘found’ items, such as pinecones, tree bark, and even rocks, seashells, or beach glass. If you have kids, this is a great project to do with them. It doesn’t require heating anything, and you can send them on a scavenger hunt for items...” to read the full article, download the free eCopy of SEARCH Magazine‘s Fall Issue.

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