Recipe: Forgotten Cookies

Forgotten Cookies

by Emerian Rich

0906151914b (3)“For those of us with busy schedules, who have a hard time remembering to take the cookies out before they burn, these puppies are an easy way to bake without having to remember to check the oven. Whether you’re looking to please your Frozen-crazed children or serving a proper English tea, these cookies will be a hit. They are fast to whip up, with not many ingredients. Traditionally made in the Rich family with chocolate chips and walnuts, you can switch up the recipe to allow for allergies or gluten sensitivity. In the picture above, the white cookies are made with chocolate chips and nuts, the blue are made with gluten and dairy-free chocolate chips only, and the purple are made with only nuts for those unable to have chocolate...” to read the full article, download the free eCopy of SEARCH Magazine‘s Winter Issue.

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