Holiday Music

Holiday Music

by Elliot Thorpe

dino“There’s something wonderful that, in the middle of a baking hot day, Dean Martin could dream of a, “White Christmas, just like the ones he used to know.”

That always stood out for me as a child when I used to sit down with my family and watch Dean Martin’s Christmas in California on NBC. And the fact that I mention it now nearly 40 years later shows those images of Dino celebrating the holiday season on his ranch has stuck with me ever since.

Of course, I am biased when it comes to Dino. His music was always a staple in our house at Christmas while Mom was in the kitchen and Dad was making sure the log fire didn’t go out. Yes, we did the Christmassy things, too—open fires, proteins roasting in the oven, my big sister and me trying our hardest not to prod and poke at the presents under the tree. If we were lucky, Dino would even phone my dad to wish him the season’s greetings, and we’d get all more excited as a result...” to read the full article, download the free eCopy of SEARCH Magazine‘s Winter Issue.

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