A Seattle Progressive Dinner

A Seattle Progressive Dinner

by Michele Roger

IMG_1039“I‘m not Scrooge, but I am a realist. My winter consists of icy airports, snow storms, and living far away from my family. When I say family, let’s be clear. We are not What a Wonderful Life. Rather, we are more My Big Fat Greek Wedding in the middle of a blizzard. Never the less, I miss them. Terribly. Hence, I’m headed to Seattle to see my motley crew for the few short days we all have off.

When flying in winter, there is my one big rule. Never wear a winter coat. There is no place to stash it. It’s too hot to wear in the cabin, and overhead bins are crammed with luggage and gifts. Wear a trench or dress in layers.

Once together, the celebrating cannot simply be contained. It’s laughter and tears mixed together the minute I leap from the taxi. We must make up for lost time. If all of Seattle is our canvas, then celebration is our medium...” to read the full article, download the free eCopy of SEARCH Magazine‘s Winter Issue.


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