Discovering Family Connections in Blood and Ink

Discovering Family Connections in Blood and Ink

by Heather Roulo

20151006_095223 (2)“Modern day genealogy remains a treasure hunt, where different clues must be woven together to form a more complete tapestry. Artifacts, family stories, paper documents, and even our DNA tell the story of what came before us.

In the small Washington town of Sumner a family Bible found its way to A Good Book used bookstore. “The Bible was much larger and older than the Bibles I usually see turned in for store credit. I have had enough experience selling and researching books on eBay to know that any Bible older than myself has some collectible value,” recounts shop owner Evelyn Nicholas. “This particular Bible was unusual because it was one of a two volume set. The cover was loose but that only detracted a bit from its value, because it had a fairly extensive Family Genealogy record within its pages. A Bible with a family history like this has the most value to someone in that family line interested in their family history. I am fortunate to have Heritage Quest Research Library [A non-profit Genealogy organization] located just across the street from my bookstore.” to read the full article, download the free eCopy of SEARCH Magazine‘s Winter Issue.


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