SEARCH: Interview with Artist Robin Senour

In the Spring Issue of SEARCH Magazine,
we interview artist Robin Senour.

1206151320a_HDRSituated on a quiet street in Berkeley, between antique houses and quaint old churches, Robin Senour creates pieces of wearable art unlike anything you’ve ever seen. She lives in a large Victorian, a place that inspires creativity as soon as you step inside. Her living spaces such as bedroom and kitchen are secondary to the use of artistic space. The house oozes art from its floorboards to its window sills. With scattered art books about the greats to easels and paint, it’s a wonderland for an art enthusiast like me. Her glitter and bead inventory is something crafters would kill for, and it’s a wonder she can choose what to create with such wonderful supplies at her disposal.

She needs all the creative space she can get because her jewelry is not just jewelry. Every piece is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that requires two art studios, a computer-based studio, laser cutting room, and finishing/drying room.

1206151322Her jewelry-making process starts as most art does, with a pencil sketch. After, she makes the sketch into a silhouette of the form she’ll laser-cut into plastic. Then the real magic happens when she paints the fantastical creatures. Once the piece goes into a multi-step process for finishing, the glossy piece is ready for customer perusal…” to read the full article, check out the free eCopy here.


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