SEARCH: Covers and Soundtracks

In the Spring Issue of SEARCH Magazine,
author Elliot Thorpe talks about the Covers and Soundtracks.

wheelIn today’s world, we are saturated with music, perhaps more than ever. We can download to our iPhones, tablets, wherever. We can watch endless shows on television that give people like us the chance to get up and belt out a tune like on America’s Got Talent or (huge in the UK) The X-Factor. MTV revolutionized the marketing of music itself, by allowing directors to create mini-movies to promote songs to hit status. Throughout all of it, almost from the very beginnings of commercial music itself, we’ve had the obligatory cover versions.

In lots of cases, the cover version was a way for record companies to cash in on popular hits of the time by hiring and recording, shall we say, less expensive singers who could—if we were lucky—be a sound-a-like for the real deal. It made the records cheaper to press and cheaper to buy, therefore making access to great music easier…” to read the full article, check out the free eCopy here.


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