SEARCH: Music Snapshot in Time: San Francisco, 1959

In the Summer Issue of SEARCH Magazine,
Music Snapshot in Time: San Francisco, 1959
by Elliot Thorpe

“Standing on the Embarcadero, the breeze coursing down from San Pablo Bay is warm, tugging at your hair, caressing your cheeks and the backs of your hands. You’ve finished work and exhausted. Ready to hit the sack, but it’s a Friday evening. There’s too much going on in town to miss it all by staying home, but where to go?

Back in your apartment, you stand under the hot shower, the force of water washing away the grime of the day. From beyond the open shutters of the wide and tall casement window, you hear the gentle strains of a sax. A muted trumpet joins its wind cousin in a smooth-blown medley of vibes.

It’s summer, 1959, and you live alone on Broadway, in a tiny but cosy room above a haberdashery. The landlady, whose husband owns the shop, is not to be messed with. She insists the rent is paid in full, in cash, and in advance, and you always comply. It’s better that way, and she leaves you alone…” to read the full article, check out the free eCopy here.

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