SEARCH: Spectacular Climbs and Vines in Morganton, North Carolina

In the Summer Issue of SEARCH Magazine,
we explore Spectacular Climbs and Vines in Morganton, North Carolina
with Michele Roger

“They say opposites attract. I love my husband, but honestly, we vacation in vastly different ways. It is sometimes tough to find a place that appeals to both of our extreme personalities, as well as bring us together in our shared interests. Fortunately, we are catching a flight to a place that embraces both relaxation and adventure. We are headed to Morganton, North Carolina.

Friday Afternoon
Charlotte Douglas International is the closest airport to Morganton. I have booked a very conservative and economical sedan for the weekend. Tip: All of the rental car companies have free mobile apps. Check in for your rental as soon as your plane touches down to avoid long lines at the counter.

I head to the ladies room while my husband offers to pick up the car keys and load the car. In the garage, I search for him and the car I’ve booked. I double check my phone app. Suddenly, I hear him before I see him.  Grinning from ear to ear, he rolls up to the curb in a flashy Camaro convertible. I say something about unnecessary splurging. He counters with, “We deserve it.” Before I know it, we’re driving down the highway in the warm sunshine with the car top down. I remark the GPS says we will arrive in Morganton in forty-five minutes. He revs the V8 engine, and I know the GPS is very wrong.

After breaking land speed records, we settle into the hotel. My cousin calls, inviting us to join them for a party at the Silver Fork Winery for dinner…” to read the full article, check out the free eCopy here.


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