SEARCH: Thrifting in Contra Costa County

In the Summer Issue of SEARCH Magazine,
we explore Thrifting in Contra Costa County
with Emerian Rich

Choosing a thrift shop is a personal thing because what you think is junk, I might think is the cat’s pajamas. I’ve picked these shops because they are ones I frequent and have a good record of finding useful things. I also prefer clean stores, but I’m not above digging through piles if it means I’ll get something unique. I’ve listed what sorts of things I’ve found there as well as prices and cleanliness. Happy thrifting!

  1. The Garrett Thrift Shop
    1530 3rd Ave, Walnut Creek
    Clean, great prices, lots of selection.
    $10 minimum for credit card purchases.

I found this thrift store just last year and wish I had long ago. They have a big craft section, tons of books, and household goods all organized in a clean and orderly way. I’ve found their prices to be fair, unlike some thrift stores you go in where it’s clear they are for profit and not charity. The Garret Thrift Shop proceeds are given to the John Muir Medical Center Auxiliary, Walnut Creek for the benefit of the community. Most of the employees are volunteers, and it shows in the pleasant way they treat their customers.

  1. ARF – Animal Rescue Foundation
    1950 Market St., Concord, CA
    Huge store with good prices. Tons of books, clothes, linens, and household goods.

Don’t miss the back rooms! When I first went there, I didn’t realize there was more in the back and figured it wouldn’t be worth my while to return. Their front room is filled to the brim with clothes. That isn’t my thing, but a friend of mine mentioned their back room with books, and I had to take another look. With three huge segments of the store, you are sure to find something you want. The prices are fair, and if you are into books, check out their bag o’ books for $5 deal. All proceeds support the life-saving efforts of the ARF Emergency Medical Fund which provides quality, affordable, veterinary care through the ARF clinic for the companion animals of low-income Contra Costa County residents…” to read the full article, check out the free eCopy here.

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