SEARCH Magazine: Eyescream Artist Ruby Smith


On the 3800 block of Telegraph, just a couple blocks from the MacArthur BART station, is a unique shop filled with jewelry and curiosities unlike you’ve seen before. The proprietor, Ruby Smith, is an artist and jewelry designer who’s been the creative type all her life. She opened her shop a little over two years ago, and every time I visit, I find a trinket begging to go home with me.

“I remember making and selling my first ornament when I was about three years old.” Ruby’s grandmother was the creative type, making crafts to sell at church bazaars and craft fairs. This first experience solidified Ruby’s enjoyment not only to create, but also sell her creations to people at art fairs. “If you think about what you loved as a child, usually the things that made you happy then, still make you happy now. Who knew my happiness would be vending a booth?”

Ruby’s grandmother was a major influence in her childhood and shared her jewelry obsession. Her bedroom was dedicated to her massive jewelry collection. “She had egg crates full of jewelry. It was all very organized, but she had boxes under her bed, in egg crates on her window seat…read more in the Fall issue of SEARCH Magazine.

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