SEARCH: Make a New Year’s Ornament

Make a New Year’s Ornament!

Did you snap some especially good pics of the family this season? Make a New Year’s ornament reminding you and yours how blessed you are to have loved ones to ring in the New Year with! Or, crop a favorite pet, child, or friend photo to hang in the car, office, or home for the New Year.

newyearornamentYou will need:
* 2 printouts of the New Year image to the left.
*Two photos of you, your family, your pet, or anything else you find inspiring.
* Crayons or colored pencils
* Scissors
* Tape
* Glue stick
* Ribbon or string
Optional: Glitter glue pens or metallic permanent markers.



  1. Color the two sides of the frame in colors that compliment your photos.
  2. Cut out the two sides of the frame.
  3. Cut out the inner circle (grayed area) of the frames.
  4. Measure that your pictures will fit inside the hole nicely without cutting out any important part.
  5. Using the circle cut from inside of the frame, cut your pictures a little bigger than the circle.
  6. With a piece of tape, secure your pictures to the ornament picture window.
  7. Place the ornament frames back to back. Make sure to line up the points as best you can and ensure both sides are right side up. Attach them together with a rolled piece of tape.
  8. Gluestick between the frames and carefully smooth out all the points so that they are stuck together and there are no bubbles.
  9. Poke a hole in the top point and hang with ribbon or string.



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