SEARCH: Kick the Winter Blahs

Kick the Winter Blahs

Embrace Your Inner Hibernation Instinct

by Dianna Kersey

wintercover2016Have you ever wondered “why” we get the winter blues? “What” causes us to feel blah? I’m sure you’ve read tons of articles about SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder, but that is not what we’re going to talk about today. Have you ever considered maybe we’re supposed to slow down and reflect during this time of year, and that it’s totally okay?

Our bodies have a natural circadian rhythm for day and night to help us go to sleep and wake up in the morning. This same concept applies to the seasons of the year. Since the dawn of humanity, we have awakened in the spring ready to plant crops, welcome in newborn animals, and prepare for the long, hot growing days of summer. Soon more hard work flies in with harvesting all your efforts in preparation to survive during winter. Once the colder months arrive that’s when your body says—hey, it’s time to slow down and enjoy the fruits of your labors. It’s time for reflection on the past year and planning for the new year.

How Did We Get So Busy In The Winter?

It wasn’t until the inventions of electricity and economical ways to transport ourselves that we began extending the bustling activities of the warmer months into winter. New sports games were adapted, and every year we’re pushed…continue reading.


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