SEARCH: Colorful Murals Bringing Oakland to Life

Colorful Murals Bringing Oakland to Life
By Sumiko Saulson

muralOakland is well-known for its vibrant art and culture scene, which includes First Fridays Art Walk, galleries, cultural centers, dance halls, concert halls, and poetry cafes. Neighborhood cultural fairs and festivals help make the city’s daytime offerings as exciting as its nightlife. One prominent aspect of Oakland’s visual arts scene is street art. Graffiti artists, taggers, and muralists contribute to the array of colorful exterior artwork. Paint isn’t the only medium used to create these works of art. Mosaic murals are increasingly popular.

Murals such as “Past/Future” mural at the Hamilton Apartments at 2101 Telegraph Avenue help raise the morale of the community. The mural features a painting of Ray Charles on one side and a richly hued study of two young African American women on the adjoining, street facing side with the word “Future” across the top. It was created by a muralist who lives in the building. He changes the artwork a couple times a year…continue reading.

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