SEARCH: Punk Drunk Love: A Detroit Story

Punk Drunk Love: A Detroit Story
by Michele Roger

With the expansion of the terminals at the Detroit Metro Airport (DTW), lots of people traveling from west coast to east coast are discovering a new layover. Flights with overnight layovers are vastly cheaper and built into some of the new flight and travel apps. Detroit has been out to shed its bad boy reputation, and I thought I would see what all the travel talk was about.

There is a huge artist scene in Detroit. Photographers, like my friend Erik Bucholz, suggested I check out the newly emerging music scene. UFO Factory (2110 Trumbull St), a venue located in Hamtramack, (the Polish sector of the city) is both a bar and a social club. Detroit has seen a reinvention of punk music. Whether it’s music or food, Detroit has been taking the great elements of the world and making its own versions for years. Punk music is no exception.

Photo by Eric Bucholz

Photo by Eric Bucholz

One rising star, Mikal Bartee of The Idiot Kids, agreed to an interview to talk about his band and his city. Lead singer and song writer of the band, Mikal, describes the band, as punk with a story to tell. He, drummer Ryan Chlebek, and bassist, Nicholas Zambeck grew up together and were friends who just started playing music. Punk music was more befitting the energy level they had for the music they composed. Over time, they’ve developed their unique sound and say it’s “glam punk with theatrical aspects.” They attribute some of that sound’s influences to David Bowie and…continue reading.

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