SEARCH: What Does Your Best Friend Need to Stay Healthy?

What Does Your Best Friend Need to Stay Healthy?
by Emerian Rich

Dog pleasant surprise flower

It’s springtime, and with it comes more outdoor activities. This is a great time to take the dog out for a Frisbee game in the park or let your cats out on the patio for some sun.

As temperatures increase, you may wonder what you can do for your pets to help them stay happy, healthy, and safe from disease. I had the immense pleasure to interview Dr. Teresa Spencer, veterinarian and pet lover.

Dr. Spencer knew she wanted to be a veterinarian at the tender age of five.

“I’d been diagnosed with severe allergies to the point of anaphylaxis and passing out,” Dr. Spencer says. “And the specialist advised getting rid of all our pets. I announced I was going to be a vet. The allergists condescendingly suggested I should rethink my life plans. I challenged him to prove it was animals I was allergic to and said, ‘If I end up allergic to animals, I will become a snake doctor, because they don’t have fur.’ I sound like a real pistol, don’t I?”

In the end, they discovered Teresa was allergic to every plant known to mankind, but not animals. Thank goodness she wasn’t. She’s gone on to help thousands of animals with her gift. As a pet lover, Dr. Spencer has two horses, two dogs, three indoor cats, and three ‘porch’ cats, which are feral cats she trapped, neutered, vaccinated, released, and now think they belong to her. In her practice, she generally cares for horses, dogs, and cats, but she’s had…continue reading the Spring issue of SEARCH Magazine.


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