SEARCH: Reader’s Choice for Pets

Reader’s Choice
by Emerian Rich



“My cat loves Temptations Cat Treats. Although she will eat other treats if there are none, she really gets happy when I open Temptations. They have lots of good nutrition for her and no artificial flavors. The outside is crispy, but what I think she likes best is the soft center. The outside crunch helps cut down on tartar build up on her teeth, but the inside is all yum. Temptations has several flavors including an anti-hairball variety and an extra calcium type, but my girl likes the chicken flavor best.  They are re-sealable so they will stay fresh, and I can measure how much she gets at one time.” ~K. Wade, South San Francisco

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

“I love the kitty collector game, Neko Atsume. It’s a Japanese game where the only object of the game is to get all 50+ cats to come and visit your yard. They have these cute rare cats that will be dressed up and do things. For example Mr. Meowgi is dressed like a samurai, and if you put out a certain cushion, he comes to meditate on it. You start out by putting out free food that is given to you to attract the cats. When they are done visiting, they leave fish. You can then trade the fish to buy better…continue reading the Spring issue of SEARCH Magazine.

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