SEARCH: De-cabling VS. Cable

De-cabling VS. Cable
by Emerian Rich

huluTo de-cable or not to decable, that is the question. In the duel between de-cabling versus traditional cable companies, who wins?

With the high cost of cable and the creation of independent entertainment companies like Netflix and Hulu, people are seriously questioning their options. Can they go off the main network system, have a lower bill, and watch more quality programming they enjoy, when they want to enjoy it?

My household de-cabled about ten years ago and never looked back. Our biggest problems with cable were work shifts and commercials. The shows we wanted to watch were never on at the time we wanted, and if we channel surfed, we ended up bored or watching DVDs instead. At the time, we had a newborn baby, and every time he needed something, we’d miss a chunk of our show. At that time, pausing live TV and “on demand” viewing wasn’t an option unless you paid even more money for TiVo service. Basically, appointment TV just wasn’t working for us, and paying close to one hundred dollars a month felt like a rip-off. So, we de-cabled.

De-cableing gives you the power of choice. Depending on how you choose, you will most likely pay less on subscriptions, but is de-cableing right for you?

The cons to de-cableing? Live TV can be tough. If you like local news, watching…continue reading the Spring issue of SEARCH Magazine.

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