SEARCH: Build a Catio

Build a Catio
by Dianna Kersey


Beloved felines all over the globe love nothing more than to roam the outdoors and get into all kinds of hidey holes secretly stalking the next big ball of fuzz to cross their paths.

However, it has become increasing dangerous to allow our furbabies out with so many hazards afoot. Instead, folks have turned their patios into catios or catbitats.

We’ve all seen them! Fantastic outdoor cat retreats resembling screen-in porches or lanais. Catios range from as small as an extended window sill built off a high-rise to as elaborate as an entire backyard with a koi pond flowing through it. Catios are as diverse as their owners and can easily flow from the inside jungle gym environment to their contained and safe outside getaway.

Tips to Dress Up Your Catio

Hidey Holes Abound! Cats love to play hide and seek. Everyone who owns a cat waits in anticipation when they see their furbaby crouch down on their front legs, hike up their hind end, and rock back and forth until just the right moment to pounce on their prey, even if it’s a catnip stuffed mouse. Who needs to binge on Netflix when you have cats?

Here are some great ideas for your cat enclosure…continue reading the Spring issue of SEARCH Magazine.


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