SEARCH: Lyme Disease Myths

Lyme Disease Myths
by Kristin Battestella

Author eating a lime

We’re told how to prevent tick bites—wear light colored clothing with complete coverage and use bug spray in a wooded area. However, the general knowledge on how, when, and where one gets Lyme Disease, how the illness is diagnosed, and how to treat patients is rife with misinformation and controversy.

Misnomer 1: You can only get Lyme Disease in the Northeastern United States in the Summer.
According to the CDC, the 300,000 Lyme Disease cases in America each year is growing six times faster than HIV/AIDS with cases nationwide and year round. Many citizens are still in the dark about Lyme Disease simply because they think it can’t happen to them where they live or that this is an easily treated rarity and thus “no big deal.”

Misnomer 2: You can only get Lyme Disease from one type of tick, and a blood test can confirm it.
In truth, there are potentially multiple strains of Lyme Disease contracted from different types of ticks, and various… continue reading the Summer issue of SEARCH Magazine.

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