SEARCH: Working from Home

WORK FROM HOMEWorking from Home
by AR Neal

When I tell people I work from home, I typically get a look of envy accompanied by, “I wish I could work from home.” or a look that suggests I’m some sort of deviant.

Depending on the audience, I respond with an explanation of the circumstances that led to my decision to give up the long commute, business casual attire, and board meetings.

Until the summer of 2013, I had a brick and mortar job. When the contract ended, I stayed home to give emotional support for the first time to my son, who has special needs. He was 18. The realization that I had been away from him for his entire life was sobering. Around the same time, my late husband’s health deteriorated further, and I became his caregiver. I started teaching online part-time. After my son moved out and my husband died, I realized I had no desire to go back to traffic jams and tight schedules.

I share this history for those who envy my situation as well as those who think… continue reading the Fall 2017 issue of SEARCH Magazine.


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