SEARCH: Entertain With Style

Entertain With Style
by Heather Roulo


Some casual gatherings don’t require more than paper plates and an invitation to grab a drink from the cooler. Other times, it’s an excuse to get out the fine china and dress the table to impress.
Jeanine Beckley, a house manager and professional caterer with thirty years of  experience and a strong sense of humor reminds us, if you love it, use it—just remember you’ll still have to wash it all at the end.


Incorporate the style of your house into your entertaining. After all, some people prefer elegance. Your party should fit you. Jeanine knows a professional interior designer who always goes modern. “She’s not a little bit country, and she’s not rock and roll,” Jeanine recounts with a laugh. Her table reflects this with white-on-white flowers and candles.


Consider your event. Picnics bring to mind checkered tablecloths and simplicity. A barbeque might be similar, but with more napkins for saucy fingers. Dining al fresco is generally more casual, but be sure to….continue reading the Fall issue of SEARCH Magazine.


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