SEARCH: Summer Shrimp

Grilled Apricot-Jalapeno Glazed Shrimp
by Brian and Patricia Dake


Living in the California Bay Area is such a treat in summer. Not only do we have nearly flawless weather, we have all kinds of fresh seafood available from both our own coast and distant shores.

Lazy summer days lend themselves to outdoor dining, so what could be better than enjoying apricot-jalapeno grilled shrimp on the back patio with a spicy sauvignon blanc?

When purchasing shrimp, keep in mind sizes used to describe shrimp, such as small, medium, large, extra-large, jumbo, and colossal, are not regulated terms, but are marketing expressions used to entice. This means the actual size of, let’s say, jumbo shrimp can vary substantially from store to store.

The standardized method for evaluating shrimp size is to compare them by a count, determined by the average number of shrimp in a pound. The smaller the shrimp count the larger the shrimp. Shrimp with a count of 51-60 are small and what you might find in a salad. Shrimp with … continue reading the Summer issue of SEARCH Magazine.



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