SEARCH: Summer Fitness Tips

Summer Fitness Tips
by Donna Medina

HEATLTH Heather put under article blurb cause adIt’s the time of the year again when everyone’s schedule seems to fill up a lot faster than ever with outdoor activities and vacations.

Perhaps, you’ve already prepared your summer activities and outfits, but is your body ready for it? If you’re shaking your head or even unsure what to answer, don’t worry. It is not too late! With the following fitness tips, you can surely get your summer activity body ready for the summer heat.

Do the Boxing Workout

You don’t need fancy equipment to stay fit and active. A boxing workout will allow you to boost your strength, increase speed, and endurance. Though this workout can be a bit intense, the hard work is undoubtedly worth the reward. It combines speed, power, quickness, agility, and strength to ensure proper balance. Not only can you … continue reading in the Summer 2018 issue.


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