SEARCH: Queen Mary Ghosts

Queen Mary Ghosts
by Linda Whitaker

QM at nightCommissioned in 1936, the Queen Mary was a state-of-the-art luxury cruising vessel, one of the grandest ocean liners ever built.

During World War II, with resources being scarce, she was retrofitted as a troop ship, nicknamed the Grey Ghost, and began service to the allied forces. After her return to civilian life, in the late 1940’s, she again spent years in the luxury liner industry, but travel was a changing landscape, and more and more people took to the air. The Queen Mary was tired, weathered, and no longer in demand.

In 1967, finding a resting place in Long Beach, California, she’s become an iconic landmark that everyone should attempt to see. The history of this ship is fascinating. Walking up to the Queen Mary, one is immediately struck by the enormity … continue reading in the Fall 2018 issue.

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