SEARCH: Troop Themed Books

Troop Themed Books

by Emerian Rich

5 books to explore the soldier’s life.

BOOKS1. Artillery at the Golden Gate by Brian B. Chin
If you enjoy the views and history of our feature article on the Presidio, check out this book for detailed information on the harbor defenses of San Francisco in World War II. This book tells the story of the “concrete soldiers,” the U.S. Army coast artillery men who manned the huge seacoast rifles and underwater minefields guarding the San Francisco harbor entrance during World War II. Beyond the tactics and technology of the Harbor Defenses, this book paints a rich mosaic of the memorable Army personalities, both officers and enlisted, and their experiences in the wartime city.

2. I’ll be Seeing You by Suzanne Hayes and Loretta Nyhan
What a touching, addictive journey through two women’s lives during the war. From the first letter I was hooked. The women are so different from one another and seem as if they have nothing in common, but their differences strengthen their friendship as they deal with …. continue reading in the Winter 2018 issue of SEARCH.



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