SEARCH: Brian and Patricia Dake

SEARCH Author Spotlight
Brian and Patricia Dake

AuthorSpotlightWhat’s an article you’ve written for SEARCH that you enjoyed?
The Angel Hair with Garlic, Ricotta and Fava Beans recipe is my absolute favorite because I grew those favas in my garden. Brian is the inspiration behind all the recipes. They are primarily his creations so being part of the process in its earliest stages was immensely satisfying for me.

What was your favorite thing to do as a child?
Brian enjoyed doing projects with his father, some of his favorites being woodwork, metalwork, artistic welding, and of course, cooking. I was, and still am, a voracious bookworm. Now I read mainly romance, but growing up, I delighted in historical fiction and learning how people did everything for themselves from building their own homes to growing and preparing their own food.

Do you have a hot tip for us?
Brian owns many knives. Some are expensive and many are “high-end culinary brands.” In cooking for himself, he finds the knife he uses most is a Victorinox 8 Inch Swiss Classic Chef’s Knife. It handles well, is not too heavy, and rarely needs sharpening. At $40-$45 dollars, it is quite affordable … continue reading in the Winter 2018 issue of SEARCH.


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