SEARCH: Keeping Connected

Keeping Connected

by Dianna Kersey

Once upon a time, I was a military wife with a child at home. My husband was away in the navy.

Not being able to communicate when I wanted/needed or not knowing what was happening to him, while he was at basic training and deployed overseas were some of the most difficult times in my life. To get a letter in the mail was what I lived for. I have fond memories of sharing a journal— now a cherished keepsake—we mailed back and forth between us when we were younger.

Nowadays communication has changed drastically with technology. With the onset of the Internet, we have more ways to communicate than ever conceived a mere twenty-five years ago. In today’s world, that kind of communication is archaic when generations have grown up with computers, video cameras, the Internet, smart phones, social media, blogs, and virtual augmented reality. Years ago, the military really didn’t care much about the home life of a soldier, either.… Continue reading in the Winter 2018 issue of SEARCH magazine.


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