SEARCH: Amazing Mothers

Winners of the SEARCH Magazine Mom Celebration

It’s no surprise that entrants for the SEARCH Magazine celebration love their mothers. Essays about motherhood aren’t as easy as they sound. Too often, we fall into the trap of generic platitudes toward motherhood. Rather, each woman is an individual who reflects the passions and vagaries of life. To live well, and care for others at the same time, is definitely something worth celebrating. Moms are amazing people whose lives are especially appreciated during times of trial. These grown daughters wrote us to reflect on the events and history that shaped the amazing women who raised them.


Everyone loves their mother and thinks she’s special. My mother was no different. My grandmother, Eleanor, was the center of Mom’s world until she died when my mom was barely thirty-one.

My mother has caSumiko mom 2018 Picturencer now and is in the late stages of her nine-year struggle with Multiple Myeloma, a rare blood cancer in leukemia and lymphoma cancers that affects African Americans twice as often as the rest of the population.

Even in her valiant fight against cancer, my mom has been exceptional. August 10, 2018 was her ninth year as a cancer survivor. Her life expectancy after diagnosis was only about two and a half years. She has far exceeded all expectations, thanks largely to her amazing oncologist, Dr. Chainarong Limvarpus, at Sutter Solano Cancer Care Center in Vallejo. My mother was a black community leader. Together, we started Iconoclast Productions back in 1993, a San Francisco based media-arts non-profit that launched the African American Multimedia Conference in 1996 and the San Francisco Black Independent Film Festival.

She wrote grants for San Francisco Juneteenth Festival and the California Blues Festival, and helped to organize events like … read more in the Spring 2019 issue


You know that person that is a part of your life through every event, always has your back, and protects you no matter what?

For me, that was my mother. Throughout my twenty-two years of life, she has been through more battles than most and has come out stronger in the end.

IMG_3127My mom, Meegan Normandeau, is a mom of four and a retired flight attendant for Delta Air Lines. She worked long days traveling across the United States. She has an adventurous heart and at a young age traveled to Korea. She loved New York, and she knew how to embrace cultures of all parts of the world. Even though she loved her work, she made the sacrifice to leave it and become a stay-at-home mom. She continues to raise her children incredibly. She leads by example and shows truth in her words no matter what.

Just over four years ago, our family experienced the painful loss of my grandmother, one of the hardest things I had ever experienced. I know for my mom, it was devastating. My grandmother, Sharon, was a fighter that loved and lived life fearlessly. She had a heart of gold and gave her effort, time, and charity wherever she felt it just. I know that anyone who knew them both saw many parts of Sharon in her daughter, Meegan, both physically and in personality. As I got older, I also noticed read more in the Spring 2019 issue

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