SEARCH: Famous Moms with Singing Daughters

Famous Moms with Singing Daughters

by Elliot Thorpe

It doesn’t always go that moms in the public gaze have children who follow suit. When they do, they’re sometimes more famous than their celebrity parent. Here are just a handful of famous moms whose daughters have chosen a singing career, which, in some cases, is a family tradition.

Mom: Lisa Bonet Famous for: Acting (Angel Heart, Enemy of the State, Life On Mars)
Daughter: Zoë Kravitz
Zoë was born in 1988 and actually followed her father, Lenny, into the recording studio, with three albums and a selection of singles to her name. She has found more success in films, however, with roles in Mad Max: Fury Road, the Fantastic Beasts series and X-Men: First Class among others.

Mom: Tina Knowles Famous for: Business and fashion brands (‘House of Deréon’ and ‘Miss Tina by Tina Knowles’)
Daughter: Beyoncé
37-year old Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is … continue reading in the Spring 2019 issue of SEARCH.

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