SEARCH: All-in-One Breakfast

All-in-One Breakfast
by Brian and Patricia Dake

20180930_160435Spring is the best season, full of hope and energy as the landscape comes alive with renewed vibrancy after the drabness of winter. It’s as if all the world wakes up.

With that in mind we’ve put together a treat for you to wake up to. Rub that sleep from your eyes and rejoice in your morning with a distinctive breakfast. This delicious meal can be served outside on a sunny patio or if those spring mornings are a little too chilly or the rain is coming down, try serving this recipe as breakfast in bed. Add some flowers in a vase and you might serve it as a blessing for a mom on her special day in May or perhaps add a little romance to a relationship. You might even go for a little self-indulgence on a lazy weekend morning. Put the meal together, arrange it on a tray, and crawl back in bed with a good book or movie.

Whatever the occasion, we’ve crafted the ideal recipe to make breakfast feel like a special event. This recipe makes a one-dish breakfast by combining the most comforting of breakfast foods: bread, meat, and eggs.  … continue reading the Spring 2019 issue.



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