SEARCH: Famous Mom/Child Literary Duos

Famous Mom/Child Literary Duos

by Sumiko Saulson

Most of us have precious memories of doing some crafts project with mommy. For me and my mother, Carolyn Saulson, those included a band, three plays, a novel, and a graphic novel. We are far from the only parent/child writing team. Just in time for Mother’s Day, here is a list of five famous authors, whose children are also famous authors, and the creative projects they developed together.

New by Sumiko Saulson ad spring
Mary Wollstonecraft and daughter Mary Shelley British novelist Mary Wollstonecraft was a noted feminist. Her fame was eclipsed by her daughter, Mary Shelly, widely considered the founding author of the science fiction genre for her stellar debut work Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus. Wollstonecraft’s novel, Mary, A Fiction, touched upon feminist themes and followed the romantic friendships of a bisexual female protagonist. She is best known for A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, a feminist treatise asserting that women were equal to men.

However, because her mother died only ten days after Mary was born due to complications of childbirth, Mary never got to know her mother. She was, instead, influenced by her work and writings, especially by feminist principles in them. She was said to have nearly worshipped her mother and venerated all that she wrote or was known to have said.… continue reading in the Spring 2019 issue of SEARCH.



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