SEARCH: The Music of the Jungle Book

The Music of the Jungle Book

by Elliot Thorpe

Jungle Book single.jpgDisney Studios, over the decades, has prominently featured our animal friends in hundreds of its movies, from live action (including Greyfriars Bobby [1961], That Darn Cat! [1965], Murder She Purred [1998] and Dumbo [2019]) to animated classic such as Bambi [1942], The Aristocats [1970], my personal favorite Robin Hood [1973] and everyone’s, The Lion King [1994].

Even in movies where the main protagonists are human, such as the princesses Snow White and Cinderella, creatures, both feathered and furred, have some importance. And goodness, Disney’s most famous icon is a rodent who has a pooch as a pet!

Enough of these Shaggy Dog stories. I’m here to remind you of perhaps one of the greatest of all Disney pictures and one that is nevertheless indelibly inked onto our psyche with catchy songs and great visuals, the 19th animated feature, The Jungle Book… continue reading in the Summer 2019 issue of SEARCH.

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