SEARCH: 5 Tips to Keep You Fit During the Holidays

Don’t Let the Holidays Weigh You Down:
5 Tips to Keep You Fit During the Holidays

by Donna Medina

 ‘TIS the season to be healthy! The holidays are here once again: the parties, the work events, and the family gatherings with late nights, early mornings, decadent food, desserts, and drinks. Some of us just can’t wait. The rest of us may be in panic mode, thinking about how we can maintain our fitness goals during the holidays. We can do it. There are ways we can still maintain our goals and yet have a good ‘ole time during the holidays.

Don’t stress. It’s time to ‘fest’. The following are helpful tips to help you maintain fitness goals during the holidays:

1. Create Healthy Habits  Let’s try to follow a regular routine of proper exercise and sleep. Though it might be tempting to stay up late every night to watch our favorite movie or to celebrate with family and friends, we still have to get enough sleep. It has been found through various studies that lack of sleep can be associated with weight gain.  Set goals that are attainable, realistic, and specific and then follow through. 

2. Pre- Festivities  Before party time, eat a healthy small meal before the event. This helps alleviate “zombie eating”, unconsciously eating snacks all through the night at the event or holiday party. Foods that are packed with fiber are Continue reading in the Winter 2019 Search Magazine issue

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