SEARCH: DIY Heart Erasers

DIY Heart Erasers

by Samantha Blache

IMG_0991As Jehovah’s Witnesses, my son and I, along with millions of others around the world, attend a regional convention for three days of spiritual food. This is one of the biggest highlights of our year, and we always look forward to it. Many of the brothers and sisters there make gifts to hand out and try to base their gifts on the theme of the convention.

This year the theme was, “Love Never Fails.” What better way to show our love than making heart-shaped erasers to pass out?

Of course, you can make these for any reason and in any shape if you can find an appropriate mold. I was a bit skeptical about the idea working at first, but as my sister tried it first, I was able to sample one of hers. Surprisingly they actually work and hold up well. They aren’t heavy, and they don’t break apart as store-bought erasers do. … Continue reading in SEARCH Magazine’s Winter 2019 issue.

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