SEARCH: Music for Good

Music for Good

by Elliot Thorpe

Vibrant Song

Color of Music series. 

There’s a chance that my article on music in an issue filled with disaster and preparation could be construed as making light of the serious subject matter. Well, yes, in some ways you could be right, but I think it’s fair to say that anyone who comes to this issue from the creative angle, whether it be a filmmaker, novelist, or composer, will always have an element of respect for the source material.

I’m currently writing a novel set in and after World War I, not exactly the proudest moment of human achievement, and I’m always cautious in every chapter and every scene about veering into an exploitative narrative for the sake of entertainment.

The same applies here. With a potential challenge and a dilemma to honor both the hard work that our nation’s disaster teams do and the composers who have been commissioned to interpret such events, we’re also going to look at the music artists who have used their talents for charitable causes. Surprisingly, it’s not as recent a phenomenon as you’d think. Let’s start with Edward Elgar, the continue reading the Winter 2019 issue of SEARCH.

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