SEARCH: Hanover, PA

Hanover, PA

by Suzanne Madron

IMG_5848.JPGLocated not too far from Gettysburg and centrally situated between Harrisburg, PA, Baltimore, MD, and Washington D.C. is the town known as the “Snack Food Capital.” If you’ve eaten Snyder’s Pretzels, you’ve most likely noticed the “of Hanover” in the name. 

Hanover is a small town and is home to many snack food brands, including Snyder’s, Utz, Wege, and more. On any given day, one can smell fresh potato chips or fresh pretzels on the breeze while sampling a beverage from one of the four microbreweries in town. If coffee is preferred, never fear. Downtown boasts more than a few coffee shops, locally owned and operated, along with the larger, chain coffee companies occupying the shopping plazas along the “Golden Mile.” 

If taking a road trip to town, rest assured you will not go hungry. A plethora of restaurants with food ranging from hot dogs and barbecue to Mediterranean and Middle Eastern are all located within a few square miles with many delivery optionsContinue reading in the Winter 2019 issue.


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