SEARCH: Julia Childs

Julia Childs

by Michele Roger

JChildsIf you’ve ever eaten chocolate layered cake with ganache that was so good your eyes rolled back in your head, you have this chef to thank.

If you’ve ever savored a mushroom magically transformed from its raw spongy texture to something you swore was as good as a steak with red wine sauce, you have this chef to thank.

I’m not talking Ramsey or Bourdain, or Mario, or even Brown. This chef came from wealth and never stepped foot in a kitchen until World War II.

She wasn’t cooking for the troops nor a WASP or WAVE. The chef I am boasting about is Julia Childs.  She came to the art of cooking from as far out of left field as any one human being can. It all started with shark repellent.

Childs had just recently graduated with a history degree from Smith College at the beginning of WWII. Inspired to do her part for the war effort, she tried to sign up for jobs deemed fit for women as a WASP or Navy WAVE. Neither would take her due to her exceeding height of six feet, two inches. Considered too tall for field work, Julia found herself tapped by the Army where she worked as a secretary in the War Office. If you can recall the pool of secretaries in the movie Saving Private Ryan, you can envision

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