SEARCH: Orange Omelet Recipe

Orange Omelet Recipe

by Brian and Patricia Dake

20191020_133547This recipe was born out of necessity. One Saturday five of us arrived to stay overnight in a beach house rental. When the front desk clerk gave us the key, he warned that the local grocery market was not open on Sunday; so we should purchase any food we needed for breakfast before they closed.

Sunday morning, we got up to cook a meal of cheese omelets to be served with coffee and orange juice, only to discover we had failed to purchase any butter, oil or cooking spray with which to cook the omelets.  After a moment of frustrated panic, we assessed the situation, took our limited ingredients, and crafted a delicious breakfast. Our devised cooking process uses a method more akin to poaching an omelet in a nonstick fry pan than frying. Of course, being the food hounds we are, we didn’t use anything as boring as water for our poaching liquid… Continue reading in SEARCH Magazine’s Spring 2020 issue.

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