SEARCH: Spring Convention Season in Bloom

Spring Convention Season in Bloom

by Sumiko Saulson

The Bay Area is home many summer festivals, including Carnival, the Nor Cal Pirate Festival, and Gay Pride. We also have a booming spring convention season. Clockwork Alchemy kicks off the season on Spring Equinox.

This elegant convention centers on the Steampunk literary genre. Most of the attendees show up in elaborate Victorian or Steampunk themed costumes.

BabsCon is a super fun My Little Pony convention in April in San Francisco. It’s all ages, LGBT friendly, and kid-friendly with lots of special programs for the very youngest of convention guests.

Memorial Day Weekend rounds off the Spring season with three major conventions, twenty-eight year old BayCon, twenty year old KublaCon, and twenty-six year old Fanime.

“The one thing I appreciate about BayCon is its fans,” said Wanda Kurtcu, an African American educator and 2019 Fan Guest of Honor. “We’re each a vital and representative part of our fandoms, from every color, age, gender, culture, and popular culture. I was happy to represent all of us.”

Continue reading in SEARCH Magazine’s Spring 2020 issue.

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