SEARCH: Solo Traveling Woman

As part of our Blast from the Past issue, we’re revisiting useful articles from past issues. This article first appeared in our Spring 2020 issue:

Solo Traveling Woman 

by Kay Tracy

TracyMaskAs women, we are often given hints and warnings about traveling solo in articles on safety that focus on fear. Not this one. I want you to be aware of your  surroundings, but not be afraid to get out
and see things.

Solo traveling can mean a couple of things to different people. Often, people think that they must be the only person in on the plans but being part of a tour group can be a comfortable start. You can still be a solo traveler. It’s just that with a group tour, you might get better prices on things and have a guide to provide interesting tidbits and impart information.

If you want to be ‘by yourself’, do not be afraid to start with smaller day trips or destinations closer to home. Not having to pack a bag can mean less worry and bother while you are exploring… continue reading in the Summer 2020 issue.

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