SEARCH: Confidence and Empowerment through Workouts

As part of our Blast from the Past issue, we’re revisiting useful articles from past issues. This article first appeared in Spring 2020:

Confidence and Empowerment through Workouts

by Donna Medina

cropped-img-2456.jpg“There is nothing more powerful than those who are unafraid.” A fitness regimen is more than just toning your muscles or keeping your body healthy. It can help you face the world with a high degree of confidence. Regardless of your age and fitness level, exercising is an amazing, effective tool to grow and develop your entire well-being, showing the world who you are and what you can do. Insecurities, doubts, and lack of self-confidence are things that stop you from loving yourself and embracing your imperfections. You can overcome your self-doubts or insecurities by strengthening your mental focus and staying fit. Once you start conquering them, you may feel empowerment from within.

“Be comfortable with who you are.” Confidence with one’s body isn’t always easy, especially as we age. However, losing confidence in our body is said to lose confidence in ourselves. By staying physically active, you improve your health while strengthening your focus, resulting in enhanced self-confidence. With a stronger body and mind, you can encourage yourself to keep pushing. Once you feel proud of your achievements, you gain confidence about your body and above all, your abilities… Continue reading in our Summer 2020 issue

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