SEARCH: A Child of Two World

A Child of Two Worlds

by Camellia Rains

Growing up as a kid from two different cultures doesn’t sound like that big of a deal now; and maybe it’s because it isn’t. With the advent of the internet and cell phones that have become our own personal mini-computers, the world is at our fingertips–literally.

Forty years ago, things were quite a bit different. Other cultures were things to be studied at libraries, not something to be seen every day.

It wasn’t until I entered kindergarten that I began to realize my mom and dad weren’t like the other kids’ parents. My father is a natural citizen of the United States, hailing from Arkansas, the second youngest of ten children.

He is Caucasian with an English, Irish, and Welsh ancestry. My mother is a first generation immigrant from Guatemala. She has been a citizen of the US for most of my life. My folks met and married, and then, I came long. I look nothing like my petite mother with her dark skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. With my pale skin and green eyes, I look like my father.

My mother had family in Guatemala that would send her packages with things like dried chili, big bars of raw chocolate, coin purses, and clothing for me… Continue reading in SEARCH Magazine’s Fall 2020 issue.

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