SEARCH: Love Songs You Thought You Knew

Love Songs You Thought You Knew

by Michele Roger

Beautiful girl with art colorful make-up and notes

Portrait of the bright beautiful emotional woman with art make-up listen music with notes on dark backgroundIn my work as an author and harpist, I often write about love songs and perform for weddings. In a way, you might say it runs in the family. It starts with a real-life love story of its own.

My grandfather was a machinist for the army, stationed in France during World War II. He repaired and re-tooled tanks by day. By night, he was an alto saxophonist for the USO band. He was a twenty-something, baby-faced, tall drink of water. One night, two new waitresses at the USO Club were on duty.

As the story goes, he, of course, started dating each of them. Neither of the women knew he was seeing the other. Eventually, the two sisters confided in one another and discovered the truth. They set him up on a date and both women met him, making him choose. Such is the dramatic love life of a handsome musician. The one he chose became my grandmother. As the cliché goes, the rest is history.

My grandmother came to America and… Continue reading SEARCH Magazine’s Fall 2020 issue

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