SEARCH: Balsamic Molasses Brussels Sprouts

Balsamic Molasses Brussels Sprouts

by Brian and Patricia Dake

I just love visiting farmers’ markets. I continually learn things that surprise me; for instance, how Brussels sprouts grow. I never suspected they grew on a two to three-foot stalk with axillary buds that become the sprout we eat. Of course, finding them like that, I had to buy some and experiment.

Certainly, I’d had Brussels sprouts before, served in any number of uninspiring ways. I suppose I’d thought they grew like tiny, little cabbages. Seeing them on the stalk, though, made them fun. Brian and I had our kids pick out the best stalk, and we took it home. From this excursion grew a family tradition.

I had my kids pull the sprouts from the stalk. The kids removed the outer leaves while I trimmed them, and we laughed about how they looked like baby cabbages.

Once their dad got involved in the cooking, the recipe evolved into a truly yummy creation. I have often heard that kids don’t like Brussels sprouts. That was never the case with our childrenContinue reading in SEARCH Magazine’s Spring 2020 issue.

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